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A Visit to American Library: Dosti House

Welcome to GESCER - Knowledge Resource Centre


Gokhale Education Society’s College of Education and Research (GESCER) was established on 16th June 1970. Since its inception the College Library was named as H. G. Vartak Library. The Education College Library falls under the special library where the students are trained to become a TEACHER who moulds the children to became a responsible Citizens in the society. Library serves the students with all the resources to became a successful teacher.

Important Features of Library

  • Library Website

  • Open Access Facility

  • Library Automated using SOUL Software

  • Web OPAC

  • INFLIBNET – Nlist E-resources

  • Webliography on BEd Curriculum

  • Best Reader Award

  • Mailing New Arrivals to users

  • Online Feedback

  • Bibliographical Compilations

  • Visits to other library

  • Book Review Competition

  • Orientation to Users

  • Exhibition of Books

  • Inter Library Loan

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